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Figure S-1. Screenshot of LEARN.uada.edu home page. 

How do I access LEARN.uada.edu?

You can access LEARN.uada.edu in two ways. First you can type the address, http://learn.uada.edu, directly into your browser. Second, you can go to the UADA home page (https://www.uaex.uada.edu/), click on “Professional Development” from the top menu.  Now click on the Login to Learn In-Service Training button from the menu. After you have gone to the site, you can add it to your favorites list in your browser to access later. 

What is my username and password for LEARN.uada.edu?

Your username and password are your Active directory username and password that you use to login to your computer. If you have forgotten this password, you will need to contact the IT Call Center at callcenter@uada.edu.

Once I log in to the site how do I find a class?

There are two ways that you can find a class. The first way is to do a keyword search. To do a keyword search, click on the area on the home page next to the yellow arrow in Figure S-2 below. You will then see the content on Figure S-3, which is a list of program areas containing in-service training with a search box. Simply type the word into the “Search Courses” field and then click “Go”.  Keywords can be the core competency, the instructor, a word in the title of the class, dates or the target audience.
screen shot of Learn home page with yellow arrow

 Screenshot of Search Courses box

Figure S-2 and S-3. Screenshot of keyword search results page. 

You can also search for classes using the “Search Courses” tab at the top of the page.  Simply click “Search Courses” and then choose a category or sub-category to preview. (Figure S-4)
screen shot of a search result on Learn

Figure S-4. Screenshot of search results page. 

Once I have found a class I want to enroll in, how do I enroll?

To enroll in a class, simply click the title of the class. Once you do this, you will need to click the “Enroll me” button to enroll in the class. Once you enroll in the class you, and your supervisor, will receive a system notification regarding your enrollment. (Figure S-5 and S-5a)
screen shot of title of in-service with blue arrow

screenshot of enrollment key

 Figure S-5 and S-5a. Screenshot of enrollment options page.

I accidentally enrolled in a class. What do I do?

Please email the system administrator at learn@uada.edu and state the class from which you need to be removed. Please include the class section number if applicable.

Once I have enrolled in a class, what do I do?

The type of class (classroom, webinar, online, blended) will determine your next step. We suggest that you look at all the sections of the class to familiarize yourself with the class and what you need to do next. This will give you an idea of what is required to complete the class and will allow you to see any messages or materials the instructor(s) has posted for you. 

Almost all classes, regardless of type, will contain a course evaluation that must be completed within 30 days after the in-service to receive credit for the class. This evaluation will be completed in the evaluation section of the class on LEARN.uada.edu. in the screen shot below, you can see an example of a course page. screenshot of sample course page

Figure S-7. Screenshot of sample class page.

The class in the picture (Figure S-7) has two elements that the student must complete before receiving credit for the class and printing their course certificate. These two elements are:

1)   Watch a video

2)   Complete the Course Evaluation

If the class is a face to face class, after the classroom portion of the class, the instructor will submit attendance for students. Once attendance and any other required elements have been completed, a student can then print a course completion certificate. 

How do I take a quiz or a course evaluation?

All you have to do is click on the link for the quiz or evaluation. You will then be guided through the process of completing these elements. (Figure S-8)

screen shot of quiz page

 Figure S-8. Screenshot of sample quiz page.

How do I print my course completion certificate?
Once you have completed all the required elements for the course simply click on the “course certificate” link. To retrieve your certificate, click the “Get your certificate” link and either save or print your certificate. (Figure S-9) If you can’t print your certificate and you have completed all the required elements, please contact Information Technology at (501) 671-2130 or by email at learn@uada.edu.

screen shot of Get Certificate button

 Figure S-9. Screenshot of sample retrieve certificate page.

How do I view the classes that I have enrolled in?
This is called a “List of Enrollments” report on LEARN.uada.edu.  To retrieve this report, go to the site home page and click the "My Reports” menu option at the top of the home page. Next select, “List of Enrollments.” 

screen shot of reports acess

 Figure S-10. Screenshot of home page with “Reports” link and "List of Enrollment" link noted. 
screen shot of enrollment report

Figure S-11. Screenshot of "List of Enrollments" report with Course Title Search filter and report results noted blue arrows.

You will now see your list of enrollment (noted by blue down arrow) for any course since you signed on to Learn. You can filter these results by searching for Course Title using the search box noted with a blue arrow to the left above. 

You can also export your enrollment report into a printable document by clicking on the drop down at the bottom of the page and selecting a format, then clicking Export as noted in Figure S-12 below.

screen shot of export of report

Figure S-12. Screenshot of "List of Enrollments" with download options noted.

If you are unable to access your report or have trouble viewing it, please contact Information Technology at (501) 671-2130 or by email at learn@uada.edu.

I need to update my profile. How do I do that?

Click the red down area next to your profile picture at the top right of the page. Click on the “Profile” link.

screen shot pointing out profile link

 Figure S-13. Screenshot with “Profile link” noted. 

Once your profile appears, choose the edit profile tab and make your changes. When you are done with your changes, click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page.
screen shot of profile page

 Figure S-14. Screenshot of edit profile link “Edit profile” link noted.

I have not received an email regarding the course evaluation for an in-service class I took a week ago. How do I find out where to complete the evaluation?

The evaluation for each class is located within the online class on LEARN.uada.edu. You will receive an e-mail reminder to complete the evaluation approximately one week before it closes.

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