Agriculture and Natural Resources Competency Definition
picture of people in fieldAn employee with competencies in the Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Subject Matter Expertise category has knowledge and skills to be viewed as an expert in the performance of a given task or subject matter area related to ANR. As needed, the employee has the ability to identify, acquire and utilize research-based information or other experts in the development and delivery of educational programs and activities that address the needs of clientele and stakeholders.

Agriculture and Natural Resources competency areas are:

  • Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
  • Animals & Animal Products
  • Pest Management
  • Natural Resources & Environment
  • Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  • Row Crop Plants & Plant Products
  • Forestry
  • Horticultural Plants & Plant Products

Target: County Agents, Program Associates/Techs, County Staff Chairs, Program Assistants
Content: PigBrig has released additions to its net capture system to improve trapping efficiencies. Their new equipment allows the user to trigger the net remotely and dispense bait from a feeder. Aaron Sumrall with PigBrig will be providing instruction. Aaron has 21 years of experience with Texas A&M University and pig trapping prior to joining PigBrig. Participants learn trapping practices that apply to many trap types plus proper installation of these new additions. The company is providing two sets for field testing and county demonstrations. After this training, agents who are interested in conducting a county demonstration can join a team that will share this new equipment and net traps.
Competency Category(s): Agriculture and Natural Resources/Animal Science
Format: Blended (Classroom/Field)
Date(s): December 8, 2023 (Enrollment closes 12/1/23)
Time: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Southwest Research and Extension Center
Capacity: 90
Contact(s): Rebecca McPeake,, (501) 671-2285; Michael Blazier,, 870-460-1152; Aaron Sumrall,, 281-806-9454; Ryan Farney,, 501-921-9541