Organizational Knowledge Competency Definition
picture from ozark district meetingAccomplishes the mission of Extension through development and management of resources, providing information to stakeholders about the value of investments in Extension programs, as well as the ability to build relationships. Values diversity and an inclusive program and workplace.

Target: UADA Procurement Cardholders
Content: This course will provide prospective cardholders with an understanding of Division policies and their individual responsibilities, as related to P-card use and management.
Competency Category(s): Organizational Knowledge
Format: Online
Contact(s): Mark Kiefer,, (479) 502-9701

Target: All Employees
Content: Through the UADA Internal Leadership Development Program (ILDP), participants will identify and address real-world challenges facing the organization. The Internal Leadership Development Program will foster a trusting, collaborative learning environment for the support of leadership skill development. The team approach will support the discovery of diverse perspectives; providing participants with a peer support network as well. ILDP instructional goals & targeted outcomes include strengthening retention and programmatic efforts while supporting internal leadership development aligned with the land-grant mission. The proposed ILDP will support and deepen the development of the leadership talent pool. 
Competency Category(s): 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication, Community, Professional, and Economic Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, Organizational Knowledge, Professionalism, Program Development, Technology

July 16, 2021Virtual Session 19:00 AM – noonZoom
August 19 & 20, 2021Face-to-face session 14-H Center
September 17, 2021Virtual Session 29:00 AM – noonZoom
October 14 & 15, 2021Face-to-face session 2TBA
November 19, 2021Virtual Session 39:00 AM – noonZoom
December 16 & 17, 2021Face-to-face session 3TBA
January 21, 2022Virtual Session 49:00 AM – noonZoom
February 17 & 18, 2022Face-to-face session 4TBA
March 18, 2022Virtual Session 59:00 AM – noonZoom
April 14 & 15, 2022Face-to-face session 5TBA
May 20, 2022Virtual Debrief 69:00 AM – noonZoom
June 16 & 17, 2022Face-to-face
session/Graduation 6
Format: Blended (Virtual/Face-to-face)
Location: Zoom/Classroom
Contact(s): Julie Robinson,, (501) 671-2082, Lisa Davis,, (501) 519-5472

Target: County Agents, Program Assistants, Program Associates/Techs, State Faculty

Content: This blended, multi-session in-service workshop will cover basic level competencies of Extension educators for the following topics: 
1) Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
2) Teaching Methods
3) Presentation Skills
4) Time Management
5) Working with Advisory Groups and
6) Communications & Interpersonal Skills.

Competency Category(s): Organizational Knowledge, Professionalism, Program Development 
Capacity: 25
Format: Blended (Virtual/Face-to-face)
Location: Zoom/Classroom
Contact(s): Julie Robinson,, (501) 671-2082, Diane Mashburn,, (501) 671-2351

role of the supervisor setting goals, demonstrating effective behaviors, decision-making, managing change, time management, communication skills, effective meeting skills, motivation, delegation, trainingTarget: County Staff Chairs, Supervisors - 3 years or less
Content: This course will help supervisors or those interested in moving into supervisory roles at the state or county level to develop their skills in effectively managing employees. Training will address the human aspects of personnel management, as well as Division of Agriculture policies and procedures. The 2-day classroom course is for new supervisors (3 years or less) and will include hands-on activities, such as practicing techniques for dealing with difficult situations and effective management of employees. 
Competency Category(s): 
Professionalism, Communication, Organizational Knowledge, Community, Professional, and Economic Development
Format: Blended (Classroom/Field)
Date(s): February 22-23, 2022 (Enrollment closes 2/7/22)
Time: February 22 - 10:00am - 5:00pm, February 23 - 8:00am - 3:00pm
 Arkansas 4-H Center
Capacity: 45
 Stacey McCullough,, (501) 671-2078; Kevin Lawson,, (501) 671-2016; Jerry Clemons,, (501) 671-2024; Carla Due,, (501) 671-2020; Vic Ford,, (501) 671-2001; Martha Ray Sartor,, (501) 671-2385; Bridget Fortenberry,, (501) 671-2336; Tracy Courage,, (501) 671-2126; Bob Scott,, (501) 671-2001